Monday, November 10, 2014

Complete Source Code and .exe for Sudoku Program

I now have uploaded the complete program regarding the topic Sudoku, which consists of the code parts of the previous posts, on GitHub you can find the source code, and here an installation file, with which the program can also be installed and run without Visual Studio.


  1. I am a .NET learning student, i just saw this blog which u post the sudoko programm, its really good. I have a querry on using If condition.....

  2. Using if, we called to a cab organization to a cab for a tour. then we talked to the woner of the org with these conditions...
    1. cab comes 15min late organization must have to give 30% discount, if cab comes 30min late the org gives 50% discount, 1hr late return journey free... How we write a programm in C# using IF condition.

    1. Sorry, I really have no idea what you are asking. Try to specify your question, and think that this blog is about the programming concepts of C#, doing the programming logic is every programmer's responsibility.