Thursday, November 14, 2013

Install Xamarin

In this post I briefly want to describe the installation and setting up of the Xamarin studio, which is needed for the app programming for Android and iOS.
Xamarin can be downloaded under this link. For installation, simply follow the instructions.
Like I already mentioned in the previous post, I limit my posts on this blog to Android programming.
Here you find a guide of Xamarin regarding the installation, as well as advices for configuring the development environment. I though had to follow only 2 of the steps, which were the installation of the USB drivers and the setting of the cellphone in the debug mode.
There are special drivers needed, so that one can transfer the application (for debug purposes) on the phone.
Both steps are described on the linked page, there you also find a list of matching drivers for different manufactures. For my Samsung S3 the installation of the maintenance program "Kies" was sufficient (I do not know, if it had even worked without installing it).
And already your computer and cellphone are ready for app development!
A little drawback: Allegedly Xamarin should automatically integrate in the .Net development environment, which did not happen in my case. But I get along well with the Xamarin studio, it probably is even better for app development.

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