Thursday, November 14, 2013

App Programming with C#

Probably most of you will know Java as development language for Android and Apple's studio for iOS - but app development can also be done with C#!
Therefore I want to show you in this next series of posts, how to develop Android and iOS apps using C#.
Core for this is the Xamarin Studio, which is based on Mono. Mono is a plattform independent implementation of the .Net Framework, amongst others for Linux, and now for Android and iOS too.
With the help of Xamarin apps can be written in standard C# code, meaning of course the known C# syntax is used, furthermore all functions and libraries not bound to Windows can be used, such as streams, serialization, file access etc.
The compiler then translates the code in the right format for Android or iOS.
Due to the fact I only have an Android phone, (for now) on this blog I unfortunately have to limit myself to Android programming.
I will label some posts with the prefix "Android:" in the title, to avoid every mix-up despite labels with posts regarding common Windows programming.
One drawback comes with Xamarin though - the free version allows only apps up to a certain file size and furthermore prohibts the use of external Java library, which would be necessary for displaying ads.

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