Sunday, November 24, 2013

Android: App for Monitoring Expenses

In this post I want to introduce a a bit more advanced project, in which all tips from the previous posts are used.
The project stems from my own needs and the resulting app is also used by me a lot - it is an app in which expenses can be recorded and monitored easily.
The app consists out of 4 activities: MainActivity.cs and Overview[A - C].cs, as well as 2 helper classes, Tools.cs and Expenses.cs.
Expenses.cs describes the class Expenses, which is used for representing expenses.
Conducted expenses are serialized and added to the expense file of the current month.
The main activity looks as follows:

With a click on "Overview" we change to the activity OverviewA. For this the expenses list is serialized to a string and given as a parameter to OverviewA.
In OverviewA all expenses are listed by date for each month, which can be selected on top.
If the list gets too long, of course one can scroll down.

In OverviewB expenses are grouped to categories (by name):

Finally in OverviewC the share of the categories is displayed graphically using a pie chart:

The complete source code of the app can be downloaded here.

More to see how it works I also uploaded a (improved version) to the Google Play store.

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