Saturday, August 14, 2010

Use Ping in C#

Many probably know the ping command from the command prompt. With this data packages can be send to different addresses, to computers in a network or servers in the internet, for testing purposes.
If they packages are successfully sent and is the destination address reachable, an appropriate response is given.
With the programming language C# such a request can also easily be send. First we have to include the class needed therefor via using:
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;

With the function Send() of the class Ping a ping can be send. The overloading with 1 parameter used here just sets the target address ( identifies the own computer).
Optinally there can be used more parameters, the 2nd parameter for example sets the time interval, which will be waited for a response.

Ping Sender = new Ping();
PingReply Result = Sender.Send("");
if (Result.Status == IPStatus.Success)

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