Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Include the Windows API Code Pack

The Windows API Code Pack is a collection of many useful functionalities, which are yet not implemented in the .Net framework. Many of these will be contained in the next version of .Net, but with the codepack, they can already be used.
Especially for Windows 7 there are many important feautures (in the next post I show for example, how to insert a progress bar in the taskbar logo), but the code pack provides also other interesting features like including Direct X.
The project is open source, meaning its sourcecode is freely available and can be changed by anyone, furthermore it has to be compiled by any user itself.
Therefore I want to give you a short installation information:
You can download the code pack for example on this site, please select here the .zip file.
Extract that and open the C# project WindowsAPICodePack.sln in the folder WindowsAPICodePack.
Now you have to compile the project with Debubbing - Create Project (in my case a reference was missing, therefore I cliked on the project Shell, Add Reference and selected System.Xaml in the tab .Net).
Now the corresponding .dlls are created in the bin - directory. These librariers then can be included in your own projects.

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