Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AntMe! - The Interactive Programming Game by Microsoft

Today I want to present you a very cool project by Microsoft: The game AntMe!.
In this game the player controls a ant colony, which has to hold its ground against other colonies and mean bugs on the search for food.
Special about this game is, that it is open source and that the player does not control its ants live during the game but has to program their behaviour before the game starts.
The game is suitable for beginner and experts, the basic commands are really easy but of course experts can use all their creativity to implement complex tactics.
For this there are a lot of possibilities, one can create different ant castes, the ants have to collect food and fight enemies, they can communicate with each other ...
For everybody who has gotten interested, here the link to the AntMe! - Homepage and finally a little screenshot of the game:

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